My name is Shahar Cohen and I have my own food truck “Abu Salie”.

We sell 'homemade' broad beans Falafel in a pita bread, 'Jerusalem style' hummus and Sabich – a popular Israeli bread (pita) with, among other things. fried aubergines, traditional brown boiled egg (cooked for 24 hours), spring onion and mango/fenugreek sauce.
Originally, my customers could sit at the table to eat, but since the corona measures, no longer. I hope this will be possible again after the relaxation of the rules.
My food truck is extremely busy every week, customers come from far and wide and there is an endless queue all day long. Since the demand and my customer base is growing enormously, I want to expand my market activities to let more people enjoy our food. The Zuidas market offers the perfect opportunity for this.
At the Zuidas market we offer broad beans falafel and/or sabich and additional dishes. Sabich is very popular.