In our organic bakery, the bakers start early in the morning to prepare the most delicious pains for you. Taste the daring combination of honest ingredients in every bite. Trés bon from the source. Honest ingredients become delicious and honest bread in skilled hands. The hands of the baker who takes his time mixing, kneading, rising and shaping the dough. You can see and taste his passion and love, which has been put in especially for you, in every loaf.


With us you get the kind of enjoyment that feels good. Because with our bread you take good care of a vital body and an energetic mind. That's because we think about every ingredient. And in everything we make, we put joie de vivre. Attention. Taste. We surprise you with what you know and what you don't know. And we do all this in a personal way at Le Perron. We are happy to take care of your lucky moment of the day. Especially for you. Because we know how you enjoy yourself.


Our products

Très bon from the source!


Everything starts long before you get to us. With the farmer who is happy with fields full of organic ancient grain. Without fertilizers, without pesticides. That good grain goes to our Commandeursmolen in Mechelen, Limburg, where the miller carefully grinds it into flour. Between the millstones that run on pure water power. Your enjoyment also starts with local vegetables, organic milk and eggs, Beter-Leven meat and environmentally-friendly caught fish. All natural ingredients for a good feeling.